Patient Participation Group

What is the Patient Participation Group?

The Patient Reference Group is a group of people from the Practice Population who have expressed an interest to be part of the group.  The aim of the Patient Reference Group is to work towards improving and developing patient services.  This group of patients help voice the views, needs and requirements of our Practice Population.  The group helps influence a positive change in the services provided by Hilly Fields Medical Centre.  The Participation Group comprises of the group members, Doctors, Practice Secretary, Practice Manager and staff.  


Aims of the Patient Participation Group

  • To actively involve patients in making suggestions to improve the services provided
  • To obtain feedback on the quality of the services provided
  • To discuss issues and expectations from the patients’ point of view

The main aim of the patient participation group is to work to improve services from a patient point of view.


Patient Participation Group Meetings

The group meets four times a year, usually from 1.00 – 3.00pm at Hilly Fields Medical Centre.


Virtual Patient Participation Group

We now have a virtual patient participation group, you can share ideas, give your suggestions, make comments and discuss issues you may have relating to the Practice with other members. Volunteer members will respond or bring your ideas to the meeting as appropriate. This will help you participate even if you are unable to Attend the meetings.

Please complete the online registration form found on this LINK. Once your details are confirmed you will be emailed a username and password to enable you to log onto the Virtual group.