Service We Provide

Well Person Clinics

  • Our Practice Nurses provide Well Person Clinics for routine health checks for both men and women.
  • These involve full lifestyle evaluations.

Cervical Smears

A recall system operates for these, but if you think you will need one and have not been recalled, please discuss this with your Doctor. Smears can either be carried out at our Well Woman Clinic along with the additional checks mentioned, or in the ordinary surgeries. If you need to attend for one in routine Surgery time please tell the Receptionist so that a longer appointment can be booked.



Diabetic Clinics

These are primarily for our Diabetic patients who do not use insulin. You will be advised by the Doctor if you need to attend.


Health Promotion

  • Health Promotion advice is available from our Practice Nurses from 9.00am to 11.00am on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at a variety of times. They are also available on some Monday, Wednesday Thursday and Friday afternoons but the times vary.
  • Our Practice Nurses have a wide range of expertise and can offer advice and checks on Blood pressure, Diet, Lifestyle, Health Screening, Vaccinations, Giving up Smoking, Diabetic and Asthma care. They also carry out our New Patient Health Checks. If you feel you need their services, please make an appointment by telephoning 020 8314 5552 stating that you wish to see a Practice Nurse.

health promotion


Our Commitment To You

We will constantly monitor and improve the services we offer to you our patients.